Friday, May 30, 2014

I Have Returned!

Lack of internet has meant a much longer break than I originally intended but I think it was for the best.  We are settled in our new place, I have a second roller derby bout under my belt and I am fast approaching the end of my second last semester as an Honours student.  2014 has been an interesting year so far, full of change and new things but ultimately good.  Here’s a few things that happened while I was away: 

The littlest Stinker died:  Poor little Rolo had been looking very geriatric since the beginning of the year and his little hamster heart threw in the towel on the 21st of March.  It’s amazing how such small creatures have such huge personalities.  I miss his special brand of fluffy stupidity.

We moved house:  We moved on the 1st of April to our shiny new flat.  Because the two flats were only about 2 to 3 kilometres apart, we decided that we would move ourselves.  Never again.  It was the most exhausting 3 days of my life and the next time we move, we are hiring people to do EVERYTHING.  Our new place is pretty amazing though.  We have a lot more space, beautiful parquet floors, tons of natural light and a balcony.  We also have two stunning ring-neck parrots that live in the roof outside our bedroom.  They hang out outside our lounge window all the time.

I got new skates:  These deserve a mention on their own because they are just so cool. 

I skated in my second bout:  In January I officially joined the Miss-Fits and this past weekend I skated in my first bout with them (and my second bout ever).  It was so much fun and I am pleased to report that we won!!  They are such an awesome group of people and I am super proud to call them my teams.

Team picture courtesy of Knot Just Pics

I survived (so far) Critical Theory:  This semester I had to do a course that I had been dreading, Critical Theory.  It’s a pretty complicated course to start with and, to top it off, I realised I had no choice but to do my research project this semester.  Talk about intimidating.  So far I have managed to maintain my marks from last year which I am pleased with.  I still have to hand in the research project though so fingers crossed.

And that's that:)