The Long Version

Hi!  My name is Monique.  I am a writer and a nerd living in sunny Durban with my husband and our pet hamster Rolo.  By day, I am a technical writer meaning I write software manuals and instructions for a living.  Don’t let that fool you though!  I don’t have a technical bone in my body.  I’m just good at putting things down on paper in an easy, understandable way.  Apparently I am quite modest too!  Ha!
By night I blog at Bye Bye Blackbird; my personal collection of randomness.  It’s a place for me to stretch my creative muscles, abuse exclamation points (!!)  and collect the bits and pieces of goodness I find around me.   I don’t promise to be current or trendy but hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thing I Like..
My husband, Star Wars, Arsenal FC, anchors, roller derby, keys, tattoos, chocolate, general geekery, Professor Snape in the last Harry Potter movie, skulls, books, stripes, Bleach anime, loud music, cameos, kawaii, iron fist shoes, Japan, pop culture, poetry, earrings, The Big Bang Theory, skinny jeans, superheroes (particularly Spider-man and Wolverine), coffee, sushi, instagram, poppies, random jewellery, berries, red, scarves, birdies, Domo, Adventure Time, small fuzzy rodents, Labbits and Haruki Murakami.

Things I Don’t Like…
The Kardashians and other assorted annoying people, Wayne Rooney and Manchester United (even more so now that they've stolen Robin Van Persie), ignorance and intolerance, brussel sprouts, overly scary movies (I am lame that way) and traffic.

I am also here....
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