Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Gifties

This Christmas I got some really great and unique gifts.  What can I say, my friends and family know me well.

The little red guy on the left is Charlie Black.  He is a limited edition, series 4 Boogily Head and his awesomeness will get a post on its own.  The books on the right are from my darling brother.  An interesting combination but two of my favourites.

The bunny print is by a local Durban artist called Terry Angelos.   I saw it at I Heart Market a little while ago and basically begged my parents to buy me an early Christmas gift.  Its so unique and unusual and totally appeals to me.  In fact, I am a big fan of all her work.  You can see more here.  And finally, my Iron Fist Lacey Days shoes from the husband.  

All of my favourite things on one flat shoe: skulls, bows, lace and stripes!!  


  1. awesome gifts! i love being spoiled :)


  2. Those shoes are awesome! I posted about wanting them a while back ... I have the silver and black sequined skull pumps from the same line. I've never worn them, but I had to have them. :)

  3. SNAP! I also have the black and silver ones. Iron Fist shoes are my weakness:)

  4. Nice! Perhaps I need to investigate the brand more ... ;)

  5. You won't be disappointed...check out the Zombie Stompers! My favourite:)