Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Five to Eleven

Yes, this post is two days later than I promised.  And my photos are no better than last time!  In fact, I think one of them is even worse *insert embarrassed face here*  I am a bad blogger but I caught up on sleep so I don't feel all that bad.  Better late than never right?  Right.  So here are my lists from days 5 to 11:

Day 5 - Words to Live By
The prompt for this list used a collection of quotes and seeing I have a few close to my heart, I thought I'd borrow the idea

Day 6 - Things to Collect
Domo/Old family photos/Quirky Perspex jewellry/Books, Books, Books/Tattoos/Star Wars Goodness/Weird Creatures/Pretty Unusual Art

Day 7 - I am inspired by...
Cool, calm mornings/Beautiful combinations of words/Songs that make my heart soar (cheesy, i know)/The awesome people I know 

Day 8 - Things to say NO to
Getting unreasonably mad in traffic/Chocolate everyday/Laziness/Over-thinking EVERYTHING

Day 9 - Happy Places
The couch after a long day at work/Wakaberry/The Iron Fist store/Bed/The Weekend

Day 10 - Today was awesome because...
I had yummy breakfast with my family/I visited my lovely friend Gill/...and she made brownies/It didn't pour with rain while I was driving/We had drinkies for Sam's birthday/Spurs lost/We hung out with good friends/I had a prawn and chicken bunny

Day 11 - Right now I am...
Watching Man City vs Swansea/Waking up from a nap/Listening to the storm/Drinking coffee/Running out of page

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