Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day Twelve to Eighteen

I have come to the conclusion that until I learn to use the new camera, my list photos won't be getting any better.  Oh are my lists from Day 12 to Day 18:

Day 12 - Super Powers I'd Like to Have...
Ability to control weather like Storm/Teleportation so I never have to face Pinetown traffic again/or Flight/The ability to eat copious amounts of chocolate without getting sick or fat/Time travel/Infinite patience

Day 13 - 10 Years Ago...
I had just started varsity/I wanted to be a journalist/I thought I knew who I was going to marry (I was wrong)/I had A LOT to learn

Day 14 - Tools & Toy to Try 
iPad (I am getting one for work & I can't wait)/New camera/Pinterest..I just got an invite/Networked Blogs

Day 15 - Overheard Today
Mom! It's like I'm not wearing pants/This is like the great wall of China/We were meant to go out on Saturday but then we got lazy and drunk

Day 16 - Pet Peeves
Drivers that think jumping the queue is okay/Willful ignorance/People who make racist remarks & think you agree because you're also white/People who are famous for nothing/News24 commenters/Selfishness

Day 17 - Favourite Day of the Year
MY BIRTHDAY October 12th

Day 18 - Family Traditions
Getting gifts from the family pets on birthdays and Christmas/Picking your birthday meal/Quality Streets at Christmas/Watching Home Alone at Christmas/Birthday Week

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