Monday, October 29, 2012


Excuse my head shadow in this pic!
Yesterday I stopped by the KZNSA to check out the RECONNECT exhibition.  RECONNECT is a solo exhibition by an artist called Hendrik Stroebel.  He works with ceramics and embroidery to produce the most outstanding works.   My mom and I first heard about him and saw his work at an KZNQG meeting earlier this year.  I have never been one for embroidery but the pieces he creates literally blew me out of the water.  We have been waiting for this exhibition to open since then!

The KZNSA website describes his work for his previous show RECOLLECT as follows:

"Stroebel’s work has a painterly quality where the coloured thread evokes the freshness and immediacy of the painted mark. The content of the work explored the pattern and texture of the Arab and Islamic world. He portrayed the architecture, ancient history and people that so fascinated him on his travels. The artists abiding interest in antiquity is literally woven into the images."

Which I think pretty much describes this exhibition as well.  When you look at some of the pieces, it's hard to believe that they are not paintings.  Only when you get up close do you see that what you thought were brush-strokes are actually threads.  The time and effort it must take to put something like that together astound me. 

The RECONNECT exhibit is a preview of his solo exhibition that will open in Dubai next year in March.  What I would give to be in Dubai to see that!  

The show runs until the 4th of November and if you are in Durban and can get there, it's well worth a look.  If you can't, you can check out some of the exhibition images here.  There are some great close ups of the stars and the larger piece above.

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