Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things I Love #57

First off, I apologise for the silence in these parts.  Between exam prep and bout prep, I found myself desperately short of time and energy but, now that both are done and dusted things can go back to normal!  Kind of!  Secondly, GUYS!!  I skated in my first bout last night and it was all kinds of amazing.  Seriously, I am so proud of myself and everyone involved!  Can't wait to see some of the photos and pics as they surface!  Now, onto things I found on the internet over the last two weeks:

Have you guys heard about SF BatKid?  It's my new favourite thing on the internet and completely restores my faith in humanity.

Another story with a similar effect?  This tortoise with a Lego prosthetic leg.

The Lessons of Comicbook Loss.  Such an interesting read.

Bee and Puppycat has been officially Kickstarted you guys.  Can't wait for more episodes!!

On the subject of Kickstarters, here is one of the super awesome kitten skeleton candle.  As it burns, it reveals a wire skeleton underneath.

Love, love Siamese Fighting Fish but sadly, I don't have a very good track record with fish so I'm just going to look at these amazing portraits instead.

Bad moods face off in this cute Oscar the Grouch vs Grumpy Cat video:

Your favourite movies as pictograms.  Love the one for Ghost!!

Free, downloadable Star Wars Snowflake patterns are solving all my Christmas decorative needs.  Seriously, I am hanging these EVERYWHERE!

On the subject of Star Wars and Christmas, who wants to buy me a Star Wars Onesie??

Check out these literary tea blends conceptualised by Flora Chan.  I'd like The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick please.

Did you know that there is such a thing as an Owl Cafe in Japan?  Yet another reason to visit!

And lastly, look at these ADORABLE pictures of Fennec Foxes.  Can you imagine having one as a pet?  

Seen anything you love recently?  Let me know in the comments:)

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    Greetings from Italy