Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Whole 2 Months (and a day)!

I actually meant to post this yesterday but, after Jason cooked me an amazing dinner, I succumbed to a combination of laziness and a new episode of The Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack!  Luckily I can just change the tense;)

Yesterday Bye Bye Blackbird was a whole two months old.  It may seem like an insignificant occasion to mark but considering I procrastinated about starting this blog for such a long time, I am pretty proud that I have kept it going for two months.  Here’s to many more months of blogging in my future!  Anyway, as a way of celebrating, I thought I would share some of the blogs that inspired me to stake out my own claim on the internet.

This is one of my very favourite blogs.  Mandy has a feature called Nerd News which I unashamedly look forward to every week.  It provides me with endless nerdy eye candy (aka links to stills from The Hobbit and Star Wars pics).  Thanks for all your comments Mandy...I most definitely appreciate them!

This is one of the first blogs that I ever read and I am yet to tire of it.  Kyla Roma is incredibly inspiring and her stories, advice and features make me determined to live a more creative life.  Her dogs are the cutest too.

Best thing about this blog?  Tattoo Tuesday.  I love, love, love this feature!  As an added bonus, Danielle  always has such interesting posts, the cutest outfits and a beautiful little family.    

This girl has seriously great hair and such a unique style.  While I am fairly sure that I can’t pull off half of her outfits, she is definitely an inspiration. 

This was the first Durban blog I discovered and I was very excited to find it.  I love Lauren's style, the way she writes and her photos.  Plus, seeing a local girl doing what I was trying to work up the nerve to do was pretty awesome. 

Before I started Bye Bye Blackbird, I help my mom setup the Peppa-Jo Patterns blog.  I had a lot of fun helping her think up content and playing with the design so I am including it here as the blog that pushed me over the edge!  Thanks mom <3

And there you have it!  If you look to the left of my page, you can find permanent links to Kyla Roma, Chocolate & Cream Cake and Sometimes Sweet.  I am busy putting together a links page which will include everyone else.  Enjoy.


  1. I love reading your blog and will always be your biggest fan! You are an inspiration yourself!

  2. This post just totally made my day. Thank you so much!! Congrats on starting your own blog. Happy 2 month bloggiversary! x

    1. Awesomeness:) Thanks for checking it out!