Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things I Love...

A little while back I did a post about the things that made me smile during my first week back at work.  I enjoyed putting that post together so much that I decided to make it Bye Bye Blackbirds first feature.  Every second Sunday, I will post a list of Things I Love or things that interest me.  It might be links, it might be photos and it might be random occurrences from my everyday life.  I even have a little graphic for it courtesy of Jason…yay!  So, after my rather long winded explanation, here is Bye Bye Blackbird's first Things I Love…

Mandy from Chocolate and Cream Cake is running a most awesome giveaway!  I have all my fingers crossed that I win a custom book plate.  Check out the one she made for her own library and enter the giveaway here.

I am pretty ambivalent about the idea of a Watchmen prequel but I found this article really informative.

These goodies from China.  A peanut treat and some tea

I work best by myself but for the last year and some change I have been working as part of a team.  As much as I have been enjoying the change of pace, I thought this article made some good points.

I love this rodent so much...

Hello Kitty Hotel?  Yes please:)

Last week Sunday I had an awesome long phone call from my awesome friend in Johannesburg which was the source of much excitement.

Another source of much excitement?  Discovering a new Studio Ghibli movie called The Secret World of Arriety.  I loved The Borrowers growing up and Hayao Miyazaki is a genius.

These colourful tights from Mr Price.  There were so may great colours that I am proud of myself for leaving with only two pairs.  Now, if this cooler weather would just hang around a bit longer!

My new Star Wars shirt courtesy of my brother-in-law in Chicago...

Last but not least, there is an Adventure Time weekly comic with Jake the dog and Finn the human.  Read more here.

PS.  I have bought Atonement, I am about halfway through and I'm loving it!  I will do a 5 Books update once I finish it:)

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  1. 1. I am in love with your new shirt. That's adorable.

    2. I am so excited for The Secret Life of Arriety! I love The Borrowers.

    3. Thank you for posting about my giveaway! Best of luck. :)