Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things I Love #4

This has been a super busy week.  I had a presentation for work and my course finally started.  For those who are interested, the presentation was a comedy of errors but the course has plenty of promise and I think its going to be great!  Plus I have a super cute notebook to take notes in!  Anyway, because I have been otherwise preoccupied, the things that make up this edition of Thing I Love are mostly offline.  Enjoy:)

Sleeping Rolo.  The way this rodent sleeps continues to amaze me.  This picture shows him upside down in his toilet roll.  Crazy…

These Totoro tattoo designs by Kim-Anh Nguyen.  I’d LOVE one of these on my skin, pity I don’t live in Switzerland.

Fable!  My lovely friend lent me the Fable series to check out and I’m loving them.  The concept is great and the cover art is by James Jean who I adore!

Pantone inspired food from Griottes.  Yet another lovely link provided by Kyla Roma’s awesome blog.

Trying on the Star Wars merchandise in CNA.

This heart-shaped elbow patch DIY on the Lucky Pony blog.  Also on the Lucky Pony blog, their awesome new restaurant.   The wallpaper is just awesome! Definitely on my list of places to visit in Jo'burg.

I learnt a new word: skueomorphism.  It's pretty cool.

My brother sent me this link about a box set of the first three Ratchet and Klank games for PS3.  I can’t wait!  And also, a Mini Ninja’s sequel:)

The Lego Harry Potter game for iPhone.  This game is partly to blame for my lack of blogging this week.

If I had the cash money, I would buy this Tie Fighter.  I might also need a garden.

A skull made of chocolate.  I like skulls and I like chocolate although I'm still not sure whether this is creepy or cool!

And that’s all folks!

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