Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Nineteen to Twenty-five

I can't believe that March is just about done already.  Here are my lists for days 19 to 25:

Day 19 – Dear Jason, you make me happy in the following ways:
By always carrying the groceries and my laptop/By making me coffee in the morning, every morning/By being infinitely patient/By cooking/By making me laugh
I have an awesome husand:)

Day 20 – Favourite Memories
Marrying my husband in home affairs/Buying my first car/Flying in an army plane (even though the reason was sad)/Watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? at the drive in/Watching Star Wars for the 1st time/Getting our first puppy/Fetching our third puppy/My Gran’s rice and gravy and chicken curry/Too many more for this list

Day 21- With an extra hour in the day I would…
Get more Sleep!!!

Day 22 – My Care Package
Chocolate/Wine and/or coffee/Sushi/A good book/My husband/Rolo (my hamster)

Day 23 – Confessions
I haven’t read the Hunger Games/I only read the Harry Potter books after watching 4 of the movies/I have an obscene amount of t-shirts/I am socially awkward/ I LOVE America’s Next Top Model

Day 24 – I am famous for…
My clumsiness/My inability to cook

Day 25 – Title options for my autobiography
Clumsy and Proud of it/Diary of an Awkward Girl/Monique vs The World

In a related note, I always thought that if there was ever going to be a movie of my life, that Muzzle by The Smashing Pumpkins would play as the credits role.

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