Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Come Out & Play

On Friday last week, I got a chance to go look at the Come Out and Play exhibition I mentioned the other day.  I was hoping to make the opening night but I had to go to my first lecture instead.  Thank goodness for leave right?

Anyway, this was a dual-purpose visit because The Collective was also on my list of places to I wanted to visit in my hometown.  They have had plenty of cool exhibitions in the past but because of my general lack of organisation, this is the first one I’ve actually gotten to. 

I must be honest, it is smaller than I expected but so light and airy that you don’t really notice the size.  It’s also in an old building so it has that look about it and beautiful wooden floors.  I loved the artwork on the walls outside:

The actual exhibition made my heart happy.  I would have bought many, many toys if I hadn’t been on a budget.  The bulk of the toys were plush which was fine by me.  Here's a few pics:

Day of the Dead goodness from Angelica Pelati

Oh So Plush by  Lanel Janse Van Vuuren*swoon*

These cuties called Qoopey by Reghardt Grobbelaar

And then there were some paper toys.  I love paper toys!!

Sadly I can’t remember who was responsible for these ones and I can't read the writing in the photo.  Serves me right for forgetting to take note!
My favourites?  This super cool bat by Angelica Pelati and the minty green dude from Oh So Plush:

Today’s visit was quite short but I’ll definitely be back at The Collective sometime soon to sample more of their art, try their coffee and make use of their free wifi!  Come Out and Play runs until the 7th
 of April.

PS.  Friends and family looking for gift ideas for me?  See above.


  1. Hi, thanks for the mention.

    The paper toys were also designed by me, you can find them at

  2. Cool, thanks for letting me know:)