Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exploring my Hometown...

Sometimes I forget just how much Durban has to offer.  It’s easy to fall back on the whole “oh nothing ever happens here” excuse but that would be a lie.  There are new (or new to me ha!), quirky and interesting places popping up all the time.  The fact is that no matter how small or big your town is, if you don’t get out there and explore, you miss all the cool stuff!  So, in the spirit of exploration, I’ve made a list of al the places in Durban that I’ve been meaning to check out:

  • Mooki Noodle Bar - They have dim sum and noodles on their menu and that's all the convincing I need. Their blog is also super cool.
  • iKhaya - I have mentioned this place before.  While I have often admired the table at I Heart Market, I have never made it into the store itself.
  • Fat Tuesday Gallery - This one is just up the road from where I work so no excuses.
  • Hiding by the House of Curries in Florida road is a Macaroon shop!  After tasting my first macaroon the other day, I am hungry for more.  Alas, I don't know the name of this place so I can't link to it...
  • The Collective - Another art gallery, this time just down the road from where we stay.  I also hear there is free wifi...
  • Lola Malone - From what I hear, Lola Malone really is new and not just new to me.  A tattoo shop cross rockabilly lifestyle store...sounds awesome! 
  • Corner Cafe - I am embarrassed to admit that I have never been here.  So many friends sing Corner Cafe's praise that it's about time I go.  
  • Artspace Durban - Yet another gallery.  I like looking at pretty things.
  • Secondhand Book Stores - There are a couple of them in Durban that I have heard about, specifically Last Chance Books.  And Ike's Books.  And another one that I forget the name of...
  • Moyo on the Pier - Cocktails at the end of a pier?  Yes please.
  • The Antique Cafe -  The pictures of this place look awesome.

Growing up just outside of Durban also meant that, by the time I finished primary school, I’d visited most of the museums and bigger galleries.  I’d really like to go back and visit them again now with adult eyes and a better understanding so I am adding those to my list too!  Where ever I end up going, I’ll share my thoughts here. Who knows, maybe it’ll even be a feature!  If you live around here and you have any suggestions, feel free to share:)

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  1. Do yoursefl a favor and take a trip down to Amanzimtoti to visit the coolest bookstore ever, The Book Boutique. It has an awesome selection of books, a fantastic coffee shop and every Saturday morning they have story reading for kids! They regularly have book signings and other cool stuff too! Definitely worth a look!