Monday, April 2, 2012

Bye Bye Sammi

Today, my friend Sam gets on a plane to London-town for good!  Seeing I’m not going to be at the airport to say my final goodbyes, I thought I’d say them here instead.

Sam, I wish you all the very best on this awesome new adventure.  It takes a lot of bravery and courage to do what you are doing and I admire you for it.  I am sure that you are going to thrive there!  

At the Netherlands vs Slovakia match during the World Cup
At Burn with our friend Ruth
In a photo booth at the I Heart Market (original photo by Lauren from Glossary)
At the top of the stadium

I will miss you friend!!!  Enjoy the celebrity hunting and the cold weather;)


  1. aaaaah my friend, u are so sweet, making me all teary... it has been a teary day... please excuse the shoddy writing, i¨m huddled under a massive duvet on a bed-couch thingy, lying on my side, typing one-fingered by the light of the laptop screen on a macbook which i dont know how to use plus the buttons are mixed up cos its a french macbook! fun times. miss u and wakaberry, not sure in what order, hehe xxx

    1. mmmm...wakaberry! It's okay if you miss the most awesome frozen yoghurt in the world more than me. I understand:P Love you friend xx