Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day Twenty-six to Thirty

Well, March is finished and with it my first attempt at 30 Days of Lists.  What a fun project!  I definitely enjoyed it and I’m sure I will do it again.  Here are my last 5 lists from Day 26 to 30:

Day 26 - My Morning Routine
Put off first alarm/Put of second alarm and drag myself out of bed/Drink Coffee/Shower/Make breakfast/Make lunch for the day/Feed Rolo/Straighten hair/Make myself presentable/Take vitamins/Pack bags/Leave house

Day 27 - If I Could Do It Over Again
I would've stood up for myself more/I would've take part more/I would've have finished my honours at UKZN (or rather I would've taken the place I was offered)/I would've taken more chances/I wouldn't have hesitated so much 

Day 28 - My Last Meal Would Include
Sushi/Roast Chicken/Cous-Cous/Chocolate/Berries/Fruit juice/Red Wine/Roast veggies

Day 29 - Songs That Make Me Want To Dance
I'm Not Okay - MCR/Warthog - Ramones/Velociraptor - Kasabian/Hate To Say I Told You So - Hives/Burn Burn - LostProphets

Day 30 - To My Future Self
Calm Down/Stop over thinking EVERYTHING/Just go with it

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