Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things I Love #7

The last few weeks have been rather strange.  I've been feeling a bit out of sorts and not quite like myself. Luckily that hasn't stopped me from finding cool things on the internet!  In all seriousness though, I am hoping that this week everything will be back to normal and I'll find the time and the motivation to write the blog posts swimming in my head.  In the meantime, here is Things I Love #7 to tide you over:

Totoro Nail Art.  I wish I had the time and patience to paint my nails like this!

Woolworths Vanilla Chai Tea.  I have a box of this at work and I have been drinking it daily.  Sometimes twice a day.  It has cinammon, vanilla and cardamon in it.  Yum!

Jaws Vs Jaws.  This print is awesome!  I'd love to have it in our flat.

Classic Literary Novels starring you.  This company adds your name to classic stories for a small fee.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly tempted to do this.

Even the birds love our new car!  Seriously, it's shaped like a heart.  Also, this is bound to be the strangest picture on this blog.

Laser Cut Sushi.  Looks too cool to eat though...

The Cactus Couch.  We have been looking everywhere for a new couch that will actually fit into our flat.  Pity we cant get this one.

The Bella Morte Collection from this Esty store.  So many cameos!  My favourite is the anatomical heart!

Rolo eating toast.  I suspect this is why he is getting so fat!

We have seen the Avengers twice in the last week once in 2D and once in 3D.  Needless to say we loved it just as much the second time round.

And staying on the subject, here is some awesome Avengers inspired eye make-up.

And my new Avengers Assemble sweatshirt from the little boys section in Mr Price.

Here are 33 animals who are very disappointed in you.  And another 25 ones who are feeling a bit existential.  I swear if the internets sole purpose was photos of cute animals I would be okay with that!

We've recently started watching Heroes again from the beginning.  It's still awesome!

I would like this Tokidoki chair please.

This article about Facebook and this article about handwriting were pretty interesting.

Comic book inspired fashion anyone?  I've seen something similar for Spongebob as well but I couldn't find the link.

I really hope that the animated version of Axe Cop will be as cool as the comic.

Yesterday we went shopping for Lego of all things.  Needless to day I spent most of the time drooling over the Star Wars collection and playing with the Avengers merchandise...

These sculptures are pretty amazing.

I would LOVE one of these ninja watches.


Adventure Time t-shirts.  So cool!

And finally, my mom has a cute new kitten who needs a name!  Go check out his pics and leave a suggestion:)


  1. Heart shaped bird doo doo!! How awesome!!

    1. I know:) Kinda makes up for the fact there is poop on our shiny new car in the first place!