Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-month Randomness

On Thursday last week, Jason and I celebrated one of our two wedding anniversaries.  Yes, you heard right, we have two.  One, which was on Thursday, is the anniversary of us getting married in home affairs.  The other, which is on the 29th of May, is the anniversary of us getting married in front of friends and family in a small informal ceremony.  It’s fun having two anniversaries and I love being  married!  It helps that Jason is pretty much the most awesome husband ever!!  Anyway, we got this beautiful bonsai from my family as an anniversary gift:

Cool right?  It’s a Ficus Ginseng which is apparently a good starter bonsai.  We’ve been doing some reading up on how to care for them and it sounds like we have to treat it like another pet.  Which means it needs a name.  Any suggestions?  So far we have Hiro (from Heroes), The Hulk (because it's green) and Mr Miyagi (for obvious reasons).

I have decided to try my hand at making my own plushies!  I love all the random creatures people make and I have discovered quite a few patterns online.  Because I am in the midst of a full-blown Totoro obsession, I’m starting with this Totoro pattern.   Provided it doesn’t turn into a large disaster, I will share it when I am done.

I am in gadget heaven right now!  Work gave me an iPad, a Galaxy tab, a fancy Galaxy phone and another iPhone to write documentation for a new system.  Right now work is a lot more like play than actual work:)

I finally finished Brave New World!  5 Books Update to follow shortly!

And now we are all caught up…mostly.  Anyway, I am definitely feeling more like myself than I was last time I posted so you can expect to see more of me round these parts.

PS.  It was my mom’s birthday on Monday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER.  Again:)


  1. Hi, just thought of another one - Popeye!

    1. hehe...I like that one too!! Also on the list:)

  2. Hi Monique! I found your blog through Mandy's Geek of the Week feature :) Happy anniversaries! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Also, that Totoro plushie is totally squee-able! I can't wait to see your finished product.

    1. Thanks plenty Mariel:)
      And I shall post some pics of Totoro as soon as its done!