Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things I Love #8

After a few weeks of almost Summer weather, Winter has returned to Durban with a vengeance this weekend!  I am currently wrapped up in a quilt on my couch which is where I have spent the majority of the last two days.  While the iciness meant my Saturday morning gym trip was a huge fail, it has been great for wasting time on the internet.  Which in turn means a long, long list of awesome stuff this week!  Starting with:

Fry and Leela’s love children.  Futurama is awesome!

Versus Hearts by Dan Matutina.  These clever drawings show two rivals that can’t live without each other!  The rest of his work is very cool as well.

These amazing posters for the MASP Art school.

New skinnies!!  I love this colour even though it's not what I would usually wear.

They are more turquoise and less blue in reality

The Zombies Hate Stuff book.   This is too funny and the perfect gift for a friend of mine:)

These amazing photos from the hubble space telescope.  If I hadn’t sucked so much at maths, I would’ve been an astronaut..maybe…

The top 5 things that can throw your brain for a loop.  I though this was super interesting.

Hipster Ipsum.  Rather amusing if you ask me.

I would like this coffee table for our flat please.

The Pokemon Battle Royale.  And while we are on the subject of Pokemon, Pikachu as Nyan Cat!

There is an awful lot of fuss right now about a certain painting of our president.  Whether you like it or or not (I don't), here is an interesting article about why it shouldn't be censored.  And I agree.

Adventure Time AND Star Wars?  I neeeeeeeeed this shirt.

A Lord of the Rings Lego game?  I’ll buy that.

Hello Kitty Airlines.  Because…well, just because.

Fruit and Veggie skulls.  Someone didn't tell this guy not to play with his food!

The Star Wars Pit Droids iPhone game.  So much fun.

Reenactments of video games.  Love this idea!

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera.  This would do absolutely nothing to help my Instagram obsession though.

Diablo III Nail Art.   I am coveting this game.

And on that note, I think I’ll go watch Totoro!  Happy Sunday evening:)


  1. Oh that coffee table!!! We are already the envy of our friends due to our Original Nintendo collection... but this? Would totally push them over the edge! Great collection!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

    1. Why thank you:)

      I am still drooling over that coffee table! One day...