Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello June

After reading this post by one of my very favourite bloggers Kyla Roma, I decided to make myself a list of goals for the month of June.  Even though today is the 11th already...better late than never!  Anyway, there is something about making your goals public that makes it easier to achieve them.  I am a lazy person.  Sometimes the only way to get myself to do things is to bribe myself or make myself accountable or sometimes both.  So, here are my not too serious goals:

Use our coffee machine on the weekends instead of resorting to instant coffee while still fuzzy with sleep.

Make red velvet cupcakes. My friend Sam left for London and took her cupcake making skills with her. Now I am left to fend for myself with only her recipe to guide me!! Over dramatic much? Well, I traditionally suck at baking and routinely put the oven onto grill instead of bake or vice versa.

Finish Totoro! He is all in pieces and just needs some stitching.

Spring clean. In winter. With my mom and dad slowly sorting things out to move house, I have the urge to clean out my own cupboards and get rid of a few things. Never mind all my rubbish that is still sitting in their cupboards...

Write more often. Here and on actual paper too.  And stop writing blog posts that are glorified lists...

Learn how to look after Mr Miyagi properly. We bought this awesome little bonsai kit so we’re all sorted.

Finish another book on this list.

Learn some origami!  I found (or rather Jason found) an awesome origami app for iPhone but more on that another time.

Make more effort at gym.  I have been tired and a little stressed and my motivation has taken a knock but it's time to try harder.  Also, I plan on eating a large amount of the above-mentioned red velvet cupcakes.  Unless I make a complete mess of them....

And lastly, I love the sentiment of this quote and I'm making it my mission for the month of June.

Wish me luck!  And if you have any goals for this month, feel free to share.

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