Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things I Love # 10

This week's Things I Love starts off with the The Bark Side ad from Volkswagen.  I realise this isn't exactly new but it is new to me and I think it's just awesome:

The Hello Kitty Beauty Spa.  I'd spend some money here...

This origami street art is gorgeous.  I admire people who have the time and vision to do things like this.

The Neon Museum Boneyard in Las Vegas.  I saw this link on the Lucky Pony blog and it's officially added to my list of places to visit.

My Grandmere had the most amazing collection of little boxes that I used spend many hours playing with when I was younger.  She passed away recently and my mom and dad brought me a few as keep sakes.  I love them and I love the memories they bring back:

Pet Jellyfish….I'd love to have one of these.

I present 3 awesome ways to waste some time:  Attack of the Cute (the most amazing small, squishy animal pics), Dear Blank Please Blank and the very aptly named I Waste So Much Time.

Awesome porcelain boxes designed to look like they are overflowing.

This adequately describes my To Do lists.

Gorgeous and colourful art by Emmanuel Malin.

The awesome things you can do with tape and nail polish:

This tentacle doorstop is too cool, definitely need one...

These amazingly nerdy skirts on Etsy.

What if Doctor Suess wrote Star Wars? Well now you can find out.

The Django Unchained trailer:

Superhero Saints.  This probably won’t appeal to everyone but I like the combination of religious art and superheroes.

Speaking of superhero art, these cubist illustrations by Liam Brazier are pretty amazing.

Brain Cupcakes…kind of weird, kind of cool.

This Boombox cabinet.  Love it.

And also, this chair that holds books.  Perfection!

The art of Jeremy Geddes…amazing.

This article about using undictionaried words was pretty interesting.

And finally, the awesome Misko Mini Owls:
Found anything cool lately?  Feel free to share:)


  1. Love The Bark Side ad!! I haven't seen it before!

  2. Great hey? Thought you might enjoy it:)