Friday, June 8, 2012

Pit Droids

Pit Droids is my current game of choice on iPhone.   The object of the game is to direct the droids (using arrows) down a little chute without letting them get stuck or bump into each other.  The first few rounds are relatively simple.  One colour droid, one destination. 

As you progress through the game, the puzzles get more complicated.  Droids that get damaged if the collide with anything, four different colours and fans/air vents that launch your droid straight out of the game. 

Some of the puzzles seem ridiculously hard but when you see the solutions they are really quite simple.  Which reminds me, in the bottom right of your screen, C-3P0 waits patiently to give you a solution.  You only get three though after which you pay 99 American cents for each solution you need.  I used up my solutions too soon.  On puzzles I thought were hard.  They weren’t.  This is the one I am currently stuck on:

Only blue droids can pass through the solid blue gates and they can’t pass through the blue gates with white lines on them at all.  And so on for all the other colours.  Plus you have to unlock the chute before the droids can pass through it.  I have been stuck on this for days and suspect I will be googling the solution soon.  I am too cheap to pay 99 cents aka 8 rand and some change on another solution.  Yay for Google. 

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