Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things I Love #9

I am currently working on an assignment that is due in tomorrow so I have cleverly scheduled this post instead of trying to squeeze everything in.  With any luck I am actually done with it already and lazing on the couch.  Anyway, todays list starts with:

The Happy Labbits Mini Series by Frank Kozik and Kidrobot.  This description is all the convincing I need:  "If you like blowing bubbles, eating ice cream, or have a thing for swashbuckling buns, you'll love these merry mustachioed mammals." I desperately want this little guy, mostly because of the anchor:

Jason Every Design aka the husband’s website has just had an upgrade and is looking very slick.  Check it out here.

I am marginally obsessed with Text from Dog.  October Jones gets texts from his dog and they are hilarious.  If this site doesn’t make you laugh and wish to own a smart mouthed bulldog then nothing will.

Filthy Luker street art.  This stuff is amazing!!

This Apollo Mission Necklace from The Science Boutique on Etsy.  Definitely adding this store to my favourites! 


This skull chair is fantastic!  I would like it in my house please.

Along with these super cool triangular shelves.

Lego Moleskine notebooks.  Clearly you are never too old to own Lego.

The Die Young illustration series by Ben Brown.  Colourful and creepy.

The Great Gatsby trailer…I can't begin to explain how much I want to see this movie!

This amazing embroidery art by Hendrik Stroebel.  I helped my mom out at the KZNQG and they had a talk about this guy.  He is amazing.  If you are in Durban in November, he is having a solo show at the KZNSA.  Who knew that embroidery could be this fascinating!

My gorgeous Lady of the Sea necklace arrived in the post.  I love it!  The service from Cinsational Baubles was amazingly fast and I will definitely be ordering another one ASAP!

Frankenweenie poster!!  Can’t wait to see this.


Apple and Beetroot juice from Woolworths.  Its super yummy and the colour is so vibrant.

Wookie the Chew.  This is beyond cool and appeals to my childhood love of Pooh Bear and my lifelong obsession love for Star Wars.


  1. What a wonderful post:D I love those Labbits, so cute! And Moleskine always comes up with lovely limited editions.

    Wookie the Chew?! That sounds awesome, will go check that out now!

    1. Thanks:) Wookie the Chew is adorable! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.