Thursday, September 27, 2012


It’s really hard to pay attention to your work when your mind is occupied with seemingly more interesting things.  I don’t know about anyone else but there are days where focussing on my day job is exceptionally hard.  It’s a battle from the time I walk in the door at 8 am until I leave again at 4:30 pm.  It’s not that my job is boring, it’s just that my mind always finds something more exciting to think about.  Yesterday it was how early can I eat my lunch, finding a home for a pair of feathered angel wings and how glad I am that I found my degree.  Today I have been preoccupied with how to celebrate my birthday, the next I Heart Market and, more specifically, tattoos!  I mentioned a little while ago that I have been looking forward to a new tattoo.  I have been coveting an anchor tattoo for the longest time now.  Since some time in 2010 to be precise.   Anyway, I am *this close* to going to see an artist and I thought I would share some of my inspiration in the meantime.

I have toyed with the idea of adding some kind of text but really, I am not too sure what would be meaningful enough.  Aside from the usual anchor metaphors about staying grounded etc, there is nothing that really jumps out at me.  I thought about adding Hold Fast to it but although I like the words and the sentiment, I am worried that it would just be words for the sake of words.  Any suggestions?  I also looked at some of my favourite quotes from books but alas!  None of those really fit either.  I guess it shall be an anchor on its own then.  With lots of colour.  And a rose.

Sources: Kim-Anh Nguyen (Image 3)/ I have lost the sources of the others so if anyone recognizes any of these please let me know so I can credit properly.  Thanks:)


  1. Love the bottom left and top right! I've been obsessed with anchor tattoos for ages. I'd love to have one but I just know me and I know I would be unhappy with it after a certain time. I switch taste in clothes and music and almost everything far to often. I just haven't found anything that would mean enough to me to actually make it permanent. But anchors man....anchors are so high on my "maybe someday" list. really like your picks :)

  2. Thanks so much! The bottom right is my absolute favourite of the bunch:) Glad to know that someone else shares my anchor tattoo obsession!

  3. I love the top and bottom ones on the right!