Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things I Love #19

Wow, this has been a long, long, looooong week.  Work has been extra busy and I felt like I was running on empty all week.  After two days of the worst headaches and a little sore throat, I decided to just take it easy this weekend which has been awesome.  Especially seeing as the weather has been less than great.  Anyway, somewhere in the midst of the business, I still managed to put together a fairly decent list for Things I Love #19:

The Neruda Cats tumblr features the poetry of Pablo Neruda as read by cats.  Too awesome.


On the subject of cats, I would like this Hello Kitty Couch for my house please.  The My Melody one is rather cute too.

These Muscle Leggings from Black Milk Clothing are a little too creepy to be cool.

The Gue(ho)st House is a huge architectural sculputre outside of the Delme Contempory Art Centre is France.  Its pretty amazing.

Striped Icebergs in Antartica.  The things nature can do astound me!

Someone keeps swiping my coffee mug at work.  I really need to get one of these perpetually dirty mugs. Gross but effective!

CLOUD is an interactive sculpture by Caitlind r.c. Brown.  Its made from 6000 lightbulbs - 1000 working ones and another 5000 burnt out ones.  Its gorgeous:

Something similar and equally amazing is the Artificial Moon by Wang Yuyang.  What I wouldn't give to have both of these in my home.

Inside Insides is a blog full of animated MRI scans of vegetables and plants.  It's definitely worth a look.

These stone sculptures by Hirotoshi Itoh are quirky and unusual and again, I wish I could have a few in my home.

The Heidelberg Project was started 26 years ago by Tyree Guyton.  He decorated the houses in his neighbourhood with paint and various objects collected on the street and in the process, turned the area into a tourist attraction.  Talk about using your art for good!

These old school ads would be pretty funny if they weren't so distrubing.  I am so glad we have moved on...

This stop-motio crochet octopus is too cute for words.  The video was put together for Wax Tailor as a music video and took over three months to film.

My Dog: The Paradox is a comic from The Oatmeal which totally captures dog ownership.  It also makes me wish for a dog so day...

I wish that someone would make me this Ewok Bento Box for lunch would totally make my Monday.

Another things that would make my Monday, or rather my everyday if I owned it, is this super cute Totoro Phone Stand.  Want!!

And last but not least, I introduce Trotter the French Bulldog:

His owner Sonya Yu dresses him up in the most awesome little outfits and then posts the pics to Instagram.  You can find him here.  Also, how cute is the Fluffington Post???

Have you found anything awesome on the internet this week?  Feel free to share below:)

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