Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A new coaster for my desk, gratuitous hamster photo, Saturday morning reading

Watching:  Right now I am rather obsessed with Pawn Stars and Storage Wars on the History Channel.  I never really paid much attention to them but when Jason and I were off sick two weeks ago, we got totally sucked in.  Out of the two I think I prefer Pawn Stars.  I can’t believe all the random things people bring in to sell!!

Thinking About:  Being an adult and doing adulty things. Every now and again I get the feeling that I am a small person playing at being an adult.  I look at the things I do every day, the things happening around me and my increased responsibility at work and find myself thinking “How am I old enough for this??”  Other days, I get on with my job, sorting out my life and being married without it even crossing my mind.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  

Reading:  Life, The Universe and Everything.  One of the books on my 10 Books List for 2013 is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  My friend was kind enough to lend me her boxset so I thought I’d tackle all of them.  While I loved Hitchhiker's, I am finding the rest a little hard to get through.  I am also reading Blog Inc which I have heard so many good things about.  I am still in the early stages (setting up your blog etc) but I will keep you posted.

Celebrating:  The fact that I have been accepted to do my Honours in English.  Hooray!!  I can’t even explain how excited/nervous I am about this.  I know that I can do it and I am excited about being forced to think in a different way but I am also a little socially awkward and meeting new people always makes me nervous.

Making Me Happy:  Pictures of bunnies and sad pugs on the internet.  I’ve said it before but if the internet’s sole purpose was the dissemination of cute animal pictures, I would be okay with that.  Also making me happy?  Playing Ratchet & Klank again from the very beginning, my terrarium, marshmallow Easter eggs, watching The Avengers AGAIN and the idea of buying cute stationary for varsity.  

These currently posts are inspired by the ones over at Sometimes Sweet.  You can check out the most recent one here:)

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