Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I Love #25

Let's pretend that today is Sunday and I didn't forget to post Things I Love shall we?  Although pretending today is Sunday makes tomorrow another Monday and that's not exactly a good idea either.  To be honest, I didn't actually forget.  My brother-in-law was here from Chicago for a few days and it was a crazy, crazy, busy week and we needed all of yesterday to recover.  It was a fun visit though and totally worth the exhaustion that has followed!  Anyway, enough rambling, here is Things I Love #25:

South Africa is currently hosting the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.  Last night Bafana Bafana played Morocco and drew which earned us a quarter-final place for the first time since 2000.  Big, awesome news!!

Scotland really knows how to get people like me to visit - put cute, fat ponies into jerseys.  Super cute.  Here's a video of those cute, fat ponies being put into their jerseys...I die from the cuteness:

Paris is a beautiful city.  Here are some awesome colour photos from 1914 to prove it, including a picture of the Moulin Rouge.

This Totoro bed tutorial is awesome and, by the looks of it, quite easy to do.  I want one.  Now to convince Jason!

While we're on the subject of DIYs, this Spike Comb tutorial from Honestly WTF is next on my list.  Check out the rest of the site too, there are tons of great DIYs and just all round interesting stuff.

The Daily Bunny is one of my favourite sites ever.  Mostly because it provides me with a daily dose of bunny cuteness.  They recently did a two part GIF dump full of super cute images. This one is my favourite:

I love this quiz from The Vulture that makes you pick between Jay-Z lyrics and lines from The Great Gatsby.  I'm proud to report that while I know nothing about Jay-Z, I really do know my Gatsby.  I'd also like to add that despite my initial concerns about Jay-Z writing part of the score, I really do think it's a good fit.

Would you look at this awesome Life Buoy Handwash campaign called You Eat What You Touch.  The pug loaf and the hamster cupcake are my favourites!

Eventually winter will return to Durban so I am keeping my eyes peeled for interesting tights.  Like these ones from Nylon Journal which feature a New York City Subway map.  Or these Middle Earth themed ones from Black Milk Clothing.

The other day I made the mistake of googling sad pugs and was nearly overwhelmed by the cuteness.  Here are 35 sad pugs (in costumes!!!!!) so you can see what I mean.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company has released a Single Malt Scotch Whisky that features a Velociraptor fighting a shark on the label.  Can we say awesome?  If I drank whisky, this would be my whisky of choice.

Ever wondered how people writing period novels get the language right?  Well this author has created a Jane Austen Word List to assist with her latest novel.  This is such a cool idea.

This clip is actually a music video for a song called Little Octopus by Parry Grip.  I mostly like it because it has a teeny, tiny octopus climbing over a rock:

I haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom yet (sadly) but I am still intrigued by this beautiful pdf version of the screenplay featuring illustrations and shots from the movie.  Now to resist reading it until after I see the movie.

Oh Bulldogs, why are you so cute?  Just look at these 1905 pictures of Bulldogs in fancy dress.  I'd also  like to take this moment to apologize to my future outfit wearing dogs.  It'll be the internet's fault.

Timothy Leo Taranto has created some really great literary puns using the names of authors.  My favourites are Ernest Lemingway and DF Wallace and Grommit.  Oh and the Brontesaurus Sisters.

Look at these awesome Adventure Time crests by Mr.Caput on Tumblr.  So, so cool.

And lastly, my new favourite tumblr Pokemon and Fashion.  The creator adds Pokemon images to high fashion photos and the results are really great.  

Seen anything you like recently?  Feel free to share in the comments:)

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