Friday, March 22, 2013

Adventure Time Rock Bandits

Is there any better way to end an already good week than to find out there is a new Adventure Time game for iPhone?  Adventure Time Rock Bandits!  The story goes like this, Lemon Grab’s band has no real fans while Marceline and the Scream Queens have plenty.  The Ice king offers to steal Marceline’s fans in return for becoming Unacceptable’s manager.  Of course Finn and Jake get their hero on and go off in search of kidnapped fans!

So far, I have only gotten through the first one and defeated the Tree Witch (remember she is the one who tried to suck Jake into her butt?).  I have just started in Lumpy space which is already more complicated and makes use of Finn and Jakes flying skills.

My only complaint is the controls.  Finn doesn’t always stop when you need him too which means I have dived off many cliffs and walked into spikes while furiously taping my screen.  To be fair, it might be because my screen protector is crazy scratched and can be a bit unresponsive.  I will have to replace it and see how that affects the controls.

I am looking forward to playing the rest of this but if the beginning is anything to go by, it’s another win for Adventure Time iPhone games.  Now I hear rumours there is another game called Fionna Fights which unsurprisingly features Fionna and Cake. Excuse me while I go and download it immediately!!

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