Sunday, March 24, 2013

Things I Love #29

So, I have decided that from April, Things I Love will become a weekly occurrence.  Basically, I am just finding too many cool things too quickly for the fortnightly version and I'd like to at least try and keep things current around here;)

Have you heard of Dachshund UN?  It's a sitting of the UN Human Rights Commission staged with Dachshunds!  The cuteness is overwhelming...

I have posted about the Adventure Time watches from Nooka, now look at these ones from the Cartoon Network Shop.  This one is my favourite.

This church in Tampa Bay Florida looks like a chicken!!  Originally designed to act as a compass to those at sea, the church's architectural features look remarkable chicken-like.

Wow!  Did you know that the March 11th Japanese quake could be heard from Space?  Scarily amazing.

This is a really sweet story of a dad hacking Donkey Kong so his daughter could play as the Princess.

I suspect I may have posted these before but how beautiful are these Jelly Fish lamps by Roxy Russel?  I'd love to have one in my home.

Ever wanted a Gummy Bear replica of yourself?  Just visit Tokyo's FabCafe, pose for a 3D body scan and there you go!

If that doesn't strike your fancy then what about a chandelier made from 3000 Gummy Bears?  I definitely think thats more my speed.

And on the topic of chandeliers, these octopus ones by Adam Wallacavage are just gorgeous...

More adorable bunny GIFs from the Daily Bunny...I just love these!

Although you'd never tell from this weekend, Winter is heading our way.  I definitely need this Yoda hoodie and this Totoro one to make sure I stay warm and cozy.

The world's first panda-themed hotel is currently my dream destination.  How cute??

The Daily Dish is an amazing series of paintings by Klari Reis.  Created inside a petri dish, there will be one a day for the rest of 2013.

Imagine if Poke Balls were actually like nesting dolls?  This Poketryoshka series by Michael Myers shows us what that would be like.

I have been trying to start my first academic essay which is due on the 8th of April and it's a misson.  I am so out of practice.  Thats way I thought the Essay Typer was such a fun idea...not that I would use it of course...

Mmmm...Adventure Time pancakes...I'll take some of those!

What Would "Insert YA Heroine Here" Do?  This is a pretty old link that I found in my reading list. It still makes me laugh.  

This is Cat Bounce.  Perfectly useless, perfectly awesome.

Check out the new Star Wars range from Black Milk Clothing.  I would like it all please.

Someone has turned Quentin Tarantino's movies into Penguin books.  I think the Reservoir Dogs one is my favourite.

Goodbye to All of That is a beautiful essay by Joan Didion that makes me want to live in New York and stay away from New York all at once.  It also makes me want to pick up a pen and write which is always a good thing.

Found anything you love lately?  Feel free to add it to the comments.

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