Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things I Love #33

Well, lets just jump straight into things I love this week...I just booked tickets to the Stars of the Russian Ballet at the Playhouse Opera Theatre in June.  I have missed them the last two times they were out here so I'm extra excited!!  Now, onto other internet (and real life) goodness from this week:

Check out the very awesome new Skeleton Labbits from Kidrobot and Frank Kozik.  I like the names the best - Somethings Under the Bed and Frightmare!

Here's a peek at The Great Gatsby soundtrack...I am curious to see how it fits with the aesthetic of the movie but it does look pretty good. 

And on the subject of Gatsby, here are 6 reasons the movie needs to be amazing!

My pug obsession is reaching new heights!  Here are 10 pugs who look like things and 20 pugs dressed like Darth Vader and Yoda!

This photo series of a 12 year old boy with muscular dystrophy  living his dreams just warms my heart, Seriously.

At long last, they are making a Ratchet and Klank movie AND they are using the voice artists from the game!

Rolo got a new home today because he pee'd his old home to death.  Seriously, he pee'd in his wheel so much that the plastic got brittle and broke.  Nice one rodent!

And on a related note, why can't I write THESE user manuals for a living???

I just love this Qwerty Sofa from ZO_loft.  Not sure how comfortable it'd be though...

Here are 14 Old Words That Should Still Be Used Today.  My favourite is Gubbins!

Throne of Games is a collection of video game toilets.  Sometimes I think people have too much time on their hands...

Check out Thomas Lamadieu's awesome Sky Art photos.  Such a unique idea!

Daniel Picard uses collectible toys to take these super cool photos.  My favourite is number four.

And finally, these 1940's mugshots of Joker, Mr Freeze, Two-face and the Penguin are outstanding.

Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. So much goodness in this post! I love the new hamster cage - when I owned a hamster my favourite thing was to buy accessories for her little hamster home. :)

    I like the list of Old Words too - might try to slip a few into conversation. We do still use 'gubbins' around where I'm from, maybe you should move here!

    1. Me too...hamster accessories are the cutest! Rolo almost got a bed shaped like a space rocket too:) I'm so glad 'gubbins' is in use somewhere in the world, it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!
      Thanks for the comment:)