Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scatter What Remains...New Music #4

It's been a little while since I last shared what I've been listening to.  Between the Rise Against concert and the break-up of MCR, my iPod was kind of monopolized.  Now that I've moved on, here's what I'm listening to at the moment:

Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal

So, if you followed any of my RAMfest posts, you’d know that I have been pretty ambivalent about Bring Me The Horizon.  It wasn’t until I saw them live that I realised they are pretty much everything I am looking for in a heavy band right now.  I kept playing Sleepwalking in my head after the show, even though I didn’t know half the words!  I decided to give Sempiternal a try and I can honestly say that it’s owned my iPod since!  I know they are considered light-weight metal and trend jumpers but neither of those criticisms make me like the album less.  Their songs are catchy, melodic and I like Oli Sykes' scream.   My favourite tracks are Shadow Moses and Sleepwalking.  Also you can’t beat Antivist for straight-up angriness.

Metric – Synthetica

Metric are an indie band from Canada which we found in the FIFA 13 soundtrack.  They are really easy to listen to though and unusual enough not to be boring.  The first track I heard was Speed the Collapse which kind of reminded me of Muse but with female vocals and less drama…so actually not like Muse at all!  Bad comparison Monique!!  Anyway, it’s still my favourite track followed closely by Youth Without Youth.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Mosquito

This album has had to grow on me and I suspect it might still have some work to do.  Unlike Show Your Bones, I didn’t love on my first listen, or even my third.  Now, as I write this and listen again, I am definitely starting to love it.  Maybe it’s a mood thing?  Anyway, while I decided on my favourite track, I will leave you with Sacrilege which I rather like.

Also on my iPod:

All my old-school emo!  Think Thursday, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday and The Juliana Theory.  I think the break up of so many of my old favourites (including MCR) has made me a bit nostalgic.  Also, listening to BMTH has meant a revival for Every Time I Die, Underoath and Norma Jean.  Nothing like heavy music to improve a bad day. 

What are you guys listening to?

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