Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Star Wars Official Collectors Edition

So, during the move, my mom and dad unearthed all sorts of awesomeness that had been packed away or thought lost.  Imagine my surprise/joy/excitement when my dad gave me this:

It's an official Star Wars Collectors Edition magazine from 1977.  It was published by Marvel Comics and it tells the "incredible behind the scenes story of the most extraordinary motion picture of our time."  It starts by looking at George Lucas' inspiration for various aspects of the story and then provides us with a super handy Star Wars glossary.  I think it's my favourite part of the whole magazine.

From there we move on to a blow by blow of the first movie.

And lastly, a look at some of the artists and composers involved in the movie and the creation of the universe:

My second favourite part?  This page:

"Will there be a sequel to Star Wars? Absolutely!  Already there are three or four more full-length feature films scheduled, the first one due in fall of 1978.  At least four rough Star Wars screenplays exist.  Lucas has indicated that he will only serve as executive producer.  Still, a whole slew of questions are left up in the air:  Will his hero marry the strong-willed Princess Leia?  Or, will he have to challenge Han Solo to a duel for Leia's hand?"

Can you imagine watching the movies without knowing the answers to these questions?  I still remember the first time my brother and I saw the original trilogy.  We were staying at my Grandmere and Grandpere for Christmas and the weather was awful.  My mom and dad sat us down on their huge brown couches and we watched all three movies in a row.  It was awesome!!  I am so glad to have this little piece of Star Wars history in my collection and I am equally glad to have Star Wars nerds for parents!  Thanks guys!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I had this as a kid, but it got lost over the years, great to see it again!