Sunday, June 9, 2013

Things I Love #39

Its been a pretty slow week for me so I'm afraid I don't have too many things to share on this week's Things I Love.  Unless you have a strange desire to read journal articles on the diaspora and the difference between exile and migrant writing?  No?  Are you sure?  Okay then, moving along:

Humans of Durban is a photo collection inspired by Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York blog.  It's a pretty nifty way to see all the different people that make up my home town.  Check out their Facebook page here.

Iceland is one of my dream destinations.  I love how it looks so raw and unfinished.  A real work in progress.  Killian Schoenberger has some breathtaking landscape pictures of Iceland that make me want to go tomorrow!!

Dirty Royal played another gig at Amsterdam on Friday night.  Here are some photos:

So rumour has it that there is a Fables movie in the works.  Not too sure what to think about that to be honest.  I only discovered Fables last year when my friend Clare kindly lent me some of hers and i'd be devasted to see it done poorly.  Same goes for the rumours about the HBO adaptation of American Gods!!

I love these photos of Hunter S. Thompson just sitting around.  He is one of my favourites.

PowerUp Collage makes art from upcycled comic boooks and it's fantastically cool!  One thing that has always endeared me to comics are the awesome sound effects so I'd love to own a few of these.

Please, please, please can someone send me these Stars Wars Light Up Lightsabre sunglasses?  Too cool and if Hot Topic didn't require me to sell a limb to afford their international shipping, I'd buy them this instant!!


Excel is the bane of my existence.  Seriously, when people at work come and ask me for help with their spreadsheet or worse, to create an Excel template, I want to hide under my desk.  That's why I find this Excel artwork by Tatsuo Horiuchi so impressive.

I love these pictures of Rain Frogs on Buzzfeed.  I feel like they capture the way I've been feeling this week perfectly!!

I am in love with these birds illustrated on vintage envelopes by Mark Powell.  Just gorgeous.

And finally, here are 8 seconds of pug awesomeness.  You're welcome:


Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)

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