Monday, July 1, 2013


New Dragon Ball Z shirt/Stinker/Shiny New Skates
I have returned!  Granted it's a few days later than I planned but still, I have returned!  I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have my exam out of the way.  I am one of those people that completely inflate situations in my head and I’d worked myself into such a panic on exam day, only to find that I had nothing to worry about in the slightest!  Go figure!!  Anyway, I thought a Currently post would be a nice way to catch up so here we go:

Reading: Right now I am in between three different things.  First of all, I am halfway through Moby Dick which I am finding so, so tough.  I am just way too tired at night right now to make much more progress which is why I am also reading The Buddha of Suburbia.  This was one of the first books I read for last semester’s course and I read it so quickly I hardly got a chance to absorb it.  It’s a funny and easy read which makes it a perfect alternate to Moby Dick.  Lastly, I've been catching up on the happenings of the Marvel universe.  Fun times:)

Listening to: Today I am trying the new Editors album The Weight of Love on for size.  It’s got quite an eighties feel to it but so far I am enjoying it.  I will keep you posted.  I've also been listening to A LOT of The National and I've finally found a favourite song on the new album:


Thinking about:  How unpredictable life is - in the best possible and worst possible way.  I'm not really going to expand on that but, as cheesy as it sounds, make sure the people you love know it.  That is all.

Watching:  I am still kind of obsessed with The Walking Dead.  Seriously, I can’t get enough of this show.  I am on to season 2 now and every single episode just leaves me dying for more!   We’ve also started watching Happy Endings which is quite fun.

Looking forward to:  Trying out my new skates!  Yesterday I bought myself a shiny new pair of roller skates.  I am almost done with my six weeks of Fresh Meat training for roller derby and decided it was time to get my own pair.  They are pink and white and remind me of marshmallows (see above)!  I am hoping that having my own skates will help me get more steady on my feet.  It also makes it easier for me to practice.  I still need padding and a helmet though...

Loving: Raisin tumbles, my new Dragon Ball Z t-shirt, not having to study until the end of July, getting into a warm bed at night, fresh bread and playing my favourite songs over and over and over and....

This post is inspired by the ones over at Sometimes Sweet.  You can check out the latest one here.

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  1. Glad your exam went well!Enjoyed catching up.