Sunday, July 7, 2013

Things I Love #41

What a cool weekend it has been - mexican food with friends, two awesome dogs to play with, the Durban July and Wakaberry with Sam!  All that goodness makes it just a little bit harder to go into work tomorrow *sigh*  Anyway, after 3 weeks (I think) of no Things I Love, I have quite a collection of links/pictures/randomness to share with you today:

Today I had Wakaberry for the first time in months!!  They had peanut butter flavour and speckled eggs which is officially my new favourite combination.

How beautiful are these abandoned places?  Out of all of them I'd choose to explore Nara Dreamland in Japan (#30), the Maunsell Sea Forts in England (#14) and the fishing hut in Germany (#6).

The Decline and Fall of the English Major.  As an English major and now an English Honours student, I found this rather interesting.

22 Things Poncho the Pug is Better at than You.  Isn't he just the cutest?!?

Boston Shoes is an amazing project that asked anyway involved (running, responding or simply watching) in the Boston Marathon bombings to submit a photo of their shoes.

So did you know that there is a Russian Criminal Tattoo Archive?  Me neither!!  Check out some pics here.

WTF, Evolution? is my new favourite Tumblr.  Funny and truly bizarre.

Okay, We Love Fine officially have the best leggings in the business!  Marvel, Sanrio and most importantly...ADVENTURE TIME.  

Speaking of Adventure Time, I honestly want ALL of this Adventure Time art from beautiful!

These high speed photos of exploding lightbulbs filled with objects are super awesome.  And colourful.

This slide show of adorable dogs enjoying summer is exactly as promised...ADORABLE! 

I may not be British but this list of 30 Very British Problems kinda describes me life.  You can also find them on twitter. 

The Fiction show at the Modern Eden Gallery features portraits of literary characters that are breathtaking!  I'd love to be able to see this in real life...

The Little Free Library is possibly one of the best ideas I have seen in ages.  I'd love to be able to set one up somewhere some day!

These sci-fi author portraits by Megan Murphy are too cool.  Edgar Allan Poe is my favourite.

I may not be super sciencey but this 3D Printed Subatomic Particle Jewelry is gorgeous!

Honestly, I am kinda desperate for a local convention to appear so that I can dabble in cosplaying.  These Hipster Disney Princesses and Mermaid Avengers are not helping.

And finally, Poko the Cockatiel wants to sing you the Totoro theme:

Seen anything you love lately?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. A few things I love....
    Simon's Cat - very amusing!
    Atkins Diet - lost 1kg in 3 days!
    Fabric Postcards - making two at the moment!

    I WISH there was a Wakaberry here!!

    1. Your fabric postcards are gorgeous and if there was a Wakaberry by you then you wouldn't have any excuses to visit me <3