Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Biffy is Coming (aka RAMfest 2014 Lineup)!!

On Sunday, I promised to forgive RAMFest for passing over Durban if they announced Biffy Clyro and guess what they did???  Or rather don't guess because my post title gave it away...


I honestly couldn't have hoped for a better announcement.  A few months back, the guys did a Q & A where they hinted at an upcoming SA visit and I figured it would either be OppiKoppi or RAMFest that bought them out.  RAMFest's organizers promised announcements at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon so I sat with their Facebook page open, constantly hitting refresh until I saw the news I was hoping for!  Now all that remains is deciding whether we will mission to Johannesburg or Cape Town to see them. So much excitement!!  Lest I forget, the rest of the announcements included Killswitch Engage, Foals and Trivium:


Now, although I used to love Killswitch Engage, I am not really too excited about the rest of this lineup.  In comparison to Biffy Clyro, they all seem a bit meh.  Anyway, I will post more details as I find them but in the meantime I can tell you that RAMFest JHB and Cape Town both take place on the 6 - 9th of March 2014.  Follow their Facebook page for more info.

*All pics courtesy of the RAMFest Facebook page.

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