Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things I Love #49

Happy Spring guys!!  I am so excited about the end of winter it's a little bit ridiculous.  I am excited for less layers, potential water world visits and the ability to wear the other half of my closet.  Also, it's my birthday in a month and eleven days...the big 3-oh.  Very excited to celebrate even if it is the end of a decade!  Now, on to this week's list:

Finally got my hands on The Ocean At The End Of The Lane...yay!

Funko are adding to their Adventure Time range with Fionna, Cake, Gunter, PB, Lemongrab and BMO.  I can't decide which ones I want more....leaning towards PB and BMO right now.

18 Ways Adventure Time is making you a better person.  I can think of more the 18 but this is a good start.

And my last Adventure Time link for this week, here are the show's 28 best guest voice actors.  Quite surprised by some of these!

I don't wear heels but these Star Wars heels make my heart happy.  The Pantone ones are pretty cool too.

How amazing does this candy sushi look?  Super tempted to do this for my birthday party...

This is the best prank I have ever seen:


I love these retro Pokemon ads, especially the Jigglypuff one.

No, Pandas are not a hopeless and wasteful species.  Seriously, it bugs me that anyone could think this in the first place!

Pictures of cats in the sink.  I really have nothing to add to this.

28 Things that happened after the Harry Potter books ended.  A collection of all the bits and pieces JK Rowling has revealed over the years.  It always makes me smile that Neville ends up happy.

Gummi Storm Troopers.  This is such a cool idea and I can assure you that I will be purchasing a bag of gummi bears and adorning them with all our mini figs head gear.

I got to meet my friend Liz's new gerbils this week.  Their names are Mac and Cheese and they are the friendliest little dudes:

I am off to track down the band announcements for next year's Ramfest.  Considering they are bypassing Durban again despite a good response this year, I am secretly hoping the line-up sucks.  Or not...there's been rumour that Biffy Clyro are coming to our part of the world.  I'll forgive them if it's Biffy. 

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