Tuesday, September 10, 2013


New Favourite Stockings/New Neil Gaiman/Essay Outlining
Reading:  I am about to start The Ocean At The End Of The Lane.  I got it about a week ago and I've put off starting it to catch up on varsity readings and finish my essay.  Talk about a test of my willpower!  I have read/heard so much about the book that I hope I haven't ruined it for myself.  I am also currently reading a lot of South African fiction.  The second half of my course is focused on post-colonial feminism and it's shaping up to be rather interesting.

Watching:  A new season of Deadliest Catch.  I honestly cannot say what draws me to this show.  I don't like fishing, you won't catch me dead on a boat but for some reason this show captivates me.  I love the human interactions, the danger and the way of life these guys lead which, as I type, I realise is exactly what draws me to this show.  So far there is already tension on The Northwestern, engine trouble on the Time Bandit and sneakiness aboard the Seabrooke!

Thinking About:  The concept of Othering and how we use it to make judgements on different people and, in extreme cases, justify our treatment of them.  It's come up in both of my courses this year and I'm starting to see it in action in my day to day life. For example, there is a lot of very justifiable anger at the truck driver that caused last week's accident.  He was irresponsible and shouldn't have been on that freeway at all.  His actions make it easy for us to assume that all truck drivers are irresponsible and treat them accordingly.  What that fails to realise though is that there are a) a lot of really good truck drivers out there, b) there is more to the problem than just irresponsibility and c) every single person who runs a red light or cuts someone off in traffic is as bad as that driver, the only difference is that they haven't caused an accident yet.  I don't know, I hate trucks with such a passion and banning them from using the M13 is a start but there are so many other factors to consider as well...

Listening To:  All of the Biffy Clyro.  I am so excited about the possibility of seeing these guys next year.  I am currently plotting the logistics and that sort of thing but I am sure we can make it work!

Enjoying:  Roller Derby!!  This might be a getting a bit old to hear about but it really is so much fun.  It's great exercise and an awesome way to meet new people.  It's so cool to learn new skills especially when they are things you'd never thought you'd be able to do.  I had zero confidence in my skating ability when I started and now I am skating backwards, in a pack and through obstacles with relative ease!  We have a Fresh Meat Bootcamp coming up at the end of the month and I am more than a little excited.

Loving:  The warmer weather, the opportunity to prove myself, coffee and fresh cinnamon buns, the fact that it's getting light earlier and earlier and that my essay is finally submitted.  Yay!

This post is inspired by the ones over at Sometimes Sweet.  You can check out the latest one here.


  1. I absolutely love Gaiman, please let me know how it goes? :)