Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Reading: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon.  My friend Clare lent it to me and it's the first non-varsity book I am reading in awhile.  The story follows Sam Clay and Joe (Josef) Kavalier and their career in comics before and after the second world war.  So far it's been amusing and heartbreaking and mystical and it's left me with a very strong desire to learn how to pick locks.  I may have mentioned that last fact before.  I've also started reading Salman Rushdie's biography Joseph Anton and the Fables spin-off Fairest.

Listening to: Japandroids - Celebration Rock.  At first, I thought this band sounded very samey but then I listened to them on the way in to work the other day and discovered that I really rather like them!!  My favourite track so far is The House the Heaven Built.  I'm planning a New Music Post before the end of this year so I won't say too much just yet.  Jason also gave me two super awesome bands to check out yesterday - Middle Class Rut and Violent Soho.  New music makes my heart happy.

Doing:  Attempting to walk everyday.  Derby is super awesome exercise, so much so that I have cancelled my gym contract.  There's only one problem though...if I don't skate, I don't get any exercise. To counter that, I decided to walk on the days that I can't skate.  On Monday I went for a half hour walk around my neighbourhood.  It was surprisingly enjoyable and I am already planning my route for this evening.

Thinking about: Too many things.  November was a crazy month for me what with the bout, exams and my Dad leaving for France for real this time.  All the thinking that I put off to concentrate on family, on not falling and on passing has caught up with me.  It makes for a busy head and lots of lying awake at night.  I'm also trying to decide which skates to buy and all the different options are making my head spin!

Watching: Right now, I am obsessed with Gravity Falls.  Its an animated series created by Alex Hirsch who used to write for The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack; one of my all time favourite shows.  Like most animation that I enjoy, Gravity Falls is delightfully quirky.  I think Mabel is my favourite character so far...especially the sweaters!!  Someone buy me a sweater with my name in lights?  Please?

Loving: The fact that I only have 3 days left of work for 2013, our surprise Christmas tree, Quality Streets and the smell of rain.  Most of all, I am loving having free time and being able to put my feet up guilt free.  I'm proud of what I accomplished this year but honestly, I missed being a lump.

This post is inspired by the ones over at Sometimes Sweet.  You can check out the latest one here.

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