Sunday, December 8, 2013

Things I Love #60

Like a lot of other South Africans, I woke up on Friday morning to the news that Nelson Mandela had passed away.  Even though he has been ill for a long time, it was still a shock and the world feels a little emptier without him.  There have been some really wonderful obituaries and slideshows of his life and I thought I'd share a few as part of this weeks Things I Love:

These amazing pictures are on the front and back of the Mail & Guardian's special edition:

Madiba: A Symbol of the Power of Good - an obituary from the Mail & Guardian.

They also have an amazing tribute site where people can share their condolences and memories.

11 Greatest Nelson Mandela Quotes which includes a slideshow of his life in pictures.


Okay, now onto some less serious stuff:

2013 The Year in Band Names is pretty hilarious!  Seriously, what are some of these guys thinking...

For reasons I cannot fathom, someone created an all-emoji version of Moby Dick...

Our Tumblrs, Our Teenage Selves looks at how curating a tumblr is much the same as decorating your bedroom walls.

Star Wars yoga anyone?  Check out these awesome prints by Rob Osborne.

26 Problems that only anxious people understand.  This is basically my life guys...

Also I am fairly sure this is what I would be like as a superhero:

Worst Things for Sale catalogues the worst things for sale on the internet.  Some of them are pretty ridiculous!! 

How cool are these Death Star inspired wall tiles?  I think I need these for our future home!

I've recently started coveting a pair of creepers and these Hello Kitty ones are all kinds of perfect.


Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)

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