Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bee and Puppycat Paper Toys

What do you get when you combine Bee and Puppycat and Paper Toys?  Bee and Puppycat Paper Toys!  Okay that was a little lame but I wasn't really sure how else to start a post that is literally only about the Bee and Puppycat paper toy patterns I found online the other day:

They are Cubecraft patterns and they don't require any glue.  The printout recommends that you use thicker paper and I agree.  I just used normal printer paper and they are super flimsy.  Bee would've been much easier to put together if I had used something thicker.  Puppycat on the other hand took a whole 3 minutes to make:

They are the perfect way to get your Bee and Puppycat fix while we wait patiently for new episodes.  You can download them both here.

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