Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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Reading: This is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl.  Jason got this book for Christmas and I have commandeered it because I have nothing else to read right now.  So far it's a pretty interesting mix of Dave Grohl's personal history and the history of the DC hardcore scene where he got his start. I've just got to the section that covers the Nirvana years so I'm sure it's going to get even more interesting.  And there is still all the Foo Fighters stuff to come..

Doing: Counting down the days until my new skates arrive.  Seriously, patience is a giant pain in the ass sometimes.  I had my heart set on the Riedell Wicked but there was no stock of my size so I am waiting patiently for them to make me a pair in my size and send them here.  I reckon I have maybe 3 weeks left of the original 6 to wait and I'm resisting the urge to start pestering the exceptionally helpful Mel from Mel's Skate Shop with 'are they here yet emails.'

Working on: Eating better and exercising more.  After the bout last year, my exercise pretty came to a grinding halt and I'm starting to feel the consequences.  This week I am making a concerted effort to choose the healthy option and to get my body moving outside of derby.  Lets just hope my willpower (or lack thereof) plays along!

Watching: As the picture above suggests, I am still watching Gravity Falls.  I can't even explain how many ways this show makes me smile.  Mabel is my hero.

Loving: After work swims, fresh mangos, feeling organised even though I know it won't last for long, my pretty new MacBook and creamy thyme mushrooms on sourdough bread from Woolworths Cafe. Yum.

This post is inspired by the ones over at Sometimes Sweet.  You can check out the latest one here.

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