Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things I Love #63

Last week my shiny new blogging resolution failed, as expected.  Oh well, things happen and I get to start again this week with another list of things I love:

Brothers spend 95 hours sculpting a 16-foot snow shark.  It's AWESOME!

Check out the official Simpsons Lego House.

Here's a gorgeous clip from Miazaki's The Wind Also Rises.

Battle Armour for cats is a thing I would buy if I had cats.

Your childhood, but more BADASS.

The Organized Things Twitter shows the beauty of organisation.

Joseph Gordon Levitt discusses the potential of Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

So many new Labbitits coming: Lore of the Labbit Mini Series and Mini Smorkin Labbits.

18 Cartoons from the 90's you probably forgot existed.  This one was my absolute favourite:

Benjamin the Bunny dresses up as your favourite movie characters.  Awwww....

I know this is a little late but check out The Walking Dead's Apocalypse Resolutions.

Tauntaun Hoodies are now a thing.

Artist Butcher BIlly crosses American Psycho with Superheroes.  Results are awesome.

5 Photos of Tiny Batman as he takes on the world.

21 Important lessons Lumpy Space Princess  taught us about Feminism.

The Vastness of Space, Miniaturized.

Adorable, cat-inspired fan art.  So adorable.

Why Poorly Drawn Lines is your new favourite webcomic.  The first one especially.

How to make Totoro pop-tarts, because snacks should be cute too:

Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. So many awesome things! Benjamin I love, that bunny rocks the Ninja Turtle look, Poorly Drawn Lines has now been subscribed to, old cartoons are the bomb, and I really wish I could justify buying that Lego house, but I can't :(