Sunday, February 16, 2014

Things I Love #67

Things that have been awesome about this week:  my skates are almost here, I haven't had to drive in the rain because its been perfect weather for days now, I downloaded Adventure Time Card Wars and it's been another super fun weekend.  Here's what's been awesome on the internet:

Lego movie posters for Best Picture nominees.  And a few other movies too!

These shoes were made for walking (and toothy grins)!

Stones & Bones:  Illustrations on rocks and skulls.  So amazing.

Funko Pop!  Ghostbusters figures are coming:


Heartwarming Cartoon-like portraits by Geoffrey Guillin.  Love the big eyes.

Mutant Veggies.  That is all.

The world's 19 most imaginative insults.

Olympic skiing is better with AT-ATs:

Sports Illustrated's absurd, trolling Barbie cover,  This is lame on so many levels...

Rodarte's Fall-Winter Collection is Star War-themed.

9 Haiku poems from deep-thinking cats.

11 Untranslatable words you didn't know existed.

And finally, pandas in the snow:

Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments.