Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things I Love #68

It's been a good Sunday.  I slept in, Jason bought breakfast with hash browns, I finished my varsity reading and went for a little skatey skate.  Here's some other things I loved this week.

Forensic scientists create the face of Crystal Skull Vodka.  Creepy cool...

The greatest living animation director explains why he's retiring.  Obviously this is an interview with Hayao Miyazaki...

We Love Fine have an amazing I Am Bee apron dress that looks exactly like Bee's apron.

The ladies from Adventure Time as a moped gang.

Someone please buy me all these Adventure Time socks.

Artist collaborates with bees to create sculptures wrapped in honeycombs.

A Spongebob Watchmen mashup?  Okay...

Will It Beard.  I won't explain, click the link.

Ever wondered what Wolverine would be like as a cat?

Also, click here to see Cyclops cat!

Crazy Google searches animated.  Seriously, what are people doing out there?!?

The forgotten treasures of Gen-X childhood.  I remember some of these...

Wild bunnies swarm a girl with treats.  Adorable not creepy...

Seen anything you love this week?  Let me know in the comments:)


  1. Things I love this week.... Having Monday off and the 9th season of NCIS!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too!! I need to visit that island ASAP!