Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prepare for Cute

For the last few months I have been in constant debate – hamster vs mouse.  My last two pets have been mice.  Sullivan was awesome and friendly and feisty.  Stinky was also awesome but also a little shy and mentally imbalanced…poor little guy.

Sullivan (left) and Stinky (right)

Anyway, last week I decided:  Russian Dwarf Hamster.  So, on Sunday morning Jason and I headed out on a pet shopping mission and came home with a fuzzy bundle (or rather ventilated cake box) of joy.  So without further ado, meet Rolo:

We named him Rolo (like the sweet) because he keeps rolling over…and sometimes falling over!  Clumsy, just like his owner:)  His cage is pretty awesome too.  It has a detachable exercise ball, a run tracker, a seesaw and a slide!

 I am really glad to have another pet.  Life without a fuzzy friend is just not the same.

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  1. Too cute!!! I love his name! Hope you have many hours of pleasure from him and his antics!