Sunday, March 4, 2012

The First Four Days

It's very damp and rainy in Durban today.  Cyclone Irina is lurking somewhere off the coast and she’s dumping all her excess water on us.  Its been pouring since sometime last night and I don’t think it has stopped even once yet!  It’s the perfect weather for books, bed, movies and blogging.

As I mentioned on Thursday, I decided to take part in the March 30 Days of Lists.  It was a last minute decision so in the absence of a pretty notebook, I decided to just use my trusty Moleskine.  Here are my first four days of lists:

Day One – Challenges to Accept
30 Days of Lists/entering that short story competition/one of those photo a day things/gym.

Day Two – This Month’s Goals
Start Gym/and then go another 11 times/Write every day/Start studying again/ Grow Bye Bye Blackbird/Learn to use our new camera/Take more photos

Day Three – Recipe for a Perfect Weekend
Blueberry Flapjacks or a Cinnamon Croissant/Good company/My Husband/Lots of Coffee/Wakaberry/A good book/An Arsenal Win/Rainy Weather

Day Four – Things I will put off until Tomorrow
Cleaning the shower/Tidying my cupboard so I can actually find my clothes/Thinking about work

I apologise for the not-so-great photos.  Next week I will be more organised and take my photo’s when the light is better!

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