Monday, March 5, 2012

Star Wars Party

Gratuitous Star Wars pic found here

In roughly 20 months I will be turning 30.  In an effort to resist my age, I am already plotting a Star Wars themed party to celebrate.  Usually, I completely fail to plan ahead but I’ve seen so many great ideas for said party that I decided to share them here.  This way, I won’t forget/lose them either!

I would like this Death Star cake please.  Failing that, I will settle for this Storm Trooper one.  In red velvet.  

We can throw in a few of these cupcakes too.

And if you don’t like cake (you know who you are) you can have these pancakes.

We can eat sushi using these chopsticks.

And I would like to wear these shoes.

These R2-D2 ice cubes can keep our drinks cool.  

While we drink our drinks out of these glasses.

And for no reason at all, these Han Solo crayons.

Got any good ideas to add to my list?  I’d love to hear them:) And friends, consider yourselves warned, I will make you dress up!

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