Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I Love #5

Happy (late) Easter!  I spent yesterday chained to my computer, finishing my assignment which is why Things I Love is a day late.  This long, long list starts off with two people I love.  Happy belated birthday father and happy early birthday brother.  Love you both!

I am mildly obsessed with all things nautical at the moment, even though you wouldn’t catch me dead on a boat for fear of sinking and sharks!  The Modcloth nautical range is a much safer way to indulge this obsession.

Last week I tried my hand at some basic nail art and it worked!!  Here is photographic proof:

I am on the hunt for a cool iPhone case.  In the last week I found the Kiss of the Panda, these super cool Marvel covers and this Han Solo in Carbonite one.  Decisions, decisions.

Continuing with my nautical obsession, the This Ship Won't Go Down wall decal from Mikado is too awesome.

Living in South Africa means we have tons of interesting and sometimes absurd politics.  These three Thought Leader articles really got me thinking about where we are today.

Iron Fist have released their spring range and even though I’d probably never wear them, I’d love these pink and starry boots.  And this dress.

I am obsessed with a lot of things.  One of them being reality tattoo shows, I can’t help myself.  This week NY Ink with Ami James is starting on TLC..can’t wait!

Speaking of tattoos, someone has written a book using tattoos.  Really.  Check out this link if you don’t belive me.

These Star Wars t-shirts are too cool.   The Han Solo one is my favourite.

Out of Print Clothing is one of those sites I regularly visit to drool over but I am yet to order anything from them. My current favourites?  The Great Gatsby, Pop Poe and Catch-22.

And carrying on the t-shirt theme, I picked up these four awesome Hruki shirts for a hundred bucks at yesterdays I Heart Market. 

I’d like this set of Hello Kitty Darumas  please.

This unicorn cake is making me reconsider the theme for my 30th birthday party next year.   Okay not really but it’s still pretty impressive right?

I saw these little Qoopey guys at the Come Out and Play exhibition and they are definitely growing on me.  So simple and so cute!

The Domo Qee Series Four is here!!  Love this little character:

Miss Happ clothing have some awesome new jewellery.  These cameos are the stuff my jewellery dreams are made off.  Definitely placing an order for the Lady of the Sea this week.

And finally, on Saturday we went out for Sushi to celebrate the above-mentioned birthdays.  This warning on the chopstick packaging made us all laugh:


  1. I love almost everything on this list! Those Marvel covers are amazing! Nice one!