Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making Totoro

Well, it took me awhile but I finally finished making Totoro.  I used this pattern from Cheek and Stitch. It was super easy to put together and to be honest, I didn't really follow the pattern once I got started.

I haven't sewn anything in ages so it felt like I had to learn to stitch all over again.  Once I got started I also realised that the only color thread I had was black and white.   For these two reasons, there are no close ups of Totoro because once you get too close, my stitchery is rather embarrassing.

Felt is awesome because it doesn't fray and, seeing I forgot to leave the seam allowance that the pattern asks for, that's a pretty good thing.  All in all, I think he turned out quite well in the end:

Success with Totoro has given me the confidence to try again with something else.  I've already found a felt Domo pattern and I'm on the hunt for a felt Pikachu one.  This time I will make sure I read the pattern and have the right colour cotton:)


  1. LOVE him!! I have no sewing skillz so I am truly impressed!

    1. Thanks:) He turned out super cute!