Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Mini Labbits

A little while ago, I mentioned the Happy Mini Labbits series by Frank Kozik and Kidrobot.  They are a blind box collection of 1.5 inch vinyl toys.

When I first read about them, this was the description that caught my attention (aside from the little dude above with an anchor and a mustache): "If you like blowing bubbles, eating ice cream, or have a thing for swashbuckling buns, you'll love these merry mustachioed mammals."  Sounds awesome right?

Anyway, my mom and dad decided to order me some for my birthday.  Kidrobot sadly doesn't ship out to South Africa but they have an official stockist called ToiToy in Cape Town who ship country-wide.  The Labbits arrived just before we left for Malelane and, because they are such nice parents, my mom and dad let me open one early.  Way early considering my birthday is only in October! Here's the one I got:

I guess he is the bubble blowing one!  They are much smaller than I thought (although 1.5 inches should have been a giveaway) but I am really happy with it!  Now I have to wait patiently to get the rest.  Only 2 months, 29 days to go...

PS.  I've been looking at the rest of the Labbit range and there are so many cool things including plushies and Labbit hats.  I also came across the product preview for the 8 Deadly Sins Labbit Series.  They look amazing and they are designed by an artist called Kronk who is actually South African!  I see more Labbits in my future.

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